Prolong the life of your car using nanoparticles developed with DoE, NASA, & NSF.

TriboTEX stands at the forefront of a huge revolution in tiny nanoparticles. We’ll show you how TriboTEX can improve your engine in 15 minutes, but first let’s look at the technology behind it…

It’s like the ceramic protective coatings used in some high-performance engines, but it reduces friction 10X BETTER than engine oil alone. In engine tests we discovered that:

  • Fuel economy performance increased by 6-8% in a car with 130K+ miles while increasing in-cylinder compression.
  • As the nice round cylinders wear in your engine, they become more elliptical which decreases engine performance. TriboTEX forms a film on the worn parts of the cylinder making it rounder and increasing compression. Essentially the engine repairs itself as the coating goes to work.
  • Engine noise drops dramatically. On idle your engine noise will be so low, your neighbors may not even hear your car in the morning 🙂 and your mechanic will hear your injectors as the dominant source of a noise.
  • Easily adds 3%+ more power under your hood without disassembly.
  • Your engine will run cooler which increases the life of gaskets, seals, and bearing surfaces.

What TriboTEX doesn’t do is just as important. TriboTEX won’t…

  • Ruin your catalytic converter on newer cars like other oil additives (ZDDP)
  • Pollute the environment because all TriboTEX ingredients are environmentally friendly
  • Leave you wondering “if it’s working”. You’ll feel & hear it as soon as 15 minutes after application, due to the coating affecting the journal bearings. The performance boost will come later when your cylinders get coated.

We’ve been awarded over $1,000,000 in grants from the National Science Foundation and other agencies to conduct research and make our material in large production quantities. Now we need you to bring TriboTEX to life in your vehicle.

We’re ready to reveal TriboTEX to YOU, our first customers!