Less than a month after having to move and leave their home and state (where they had lived for years) then Sasha & Laszlo’s youngest child, Trinity, has just been diagnosed with Neuroblastoma cancer Stage 4.

She just turned 4 years old in September. She is the sweetest and silliest little girl. She’s got a long road in front of her, and she starts chemo today.

Fundraising for Cancer

Her mother and father are devastated. Dad is angry because this is his baby girl and he can’t protect her from this terrible disease. Mom is trying to make sense of everything and still maintain a positive outlook & be there for her family. Meanwhile they have two other children who are also having to deal with this heartbreaking discovery.

Trinity will be under going several rounds of chemo, stem cell therapy, and several other treatments during this journey. She’s got wonderful doctors and nurses who are taking care of her. She’s even made friends with Dr. Wolfe ❤

Please, if you can donate then please do so. If you can’t donate then please share her story.

Of course money is not going to fix their little girl, but it will help elevate some of the stress and financial burden that they’re going through. I don’t want them to have to worry about missing work so that they can be there for Trinity.

Gofundme takes $0.30 plus 2.9% of every donation, so if you’d rather send them money directly using Venmo then please do. I know the family would appreciate being able to access funds immediately ❤