June 11, 2016 Leslie’s life would forever change. She woke up to see the love of her life had passed way in his sleep. The following week, when she should have been grieving, his ex-wife is hiring attorneys  to attempt to take everything away from Leslie.  After almost 2 years and thousand of dollars wasted on attorneys fighting the ex’s junk lawsuits, Leslie thought she could pick up the pieces and move forward. Unfortunately, fault line damage repairs could no longer be put off. Leslie took what she had left from court battle and planned a budget for the neglected repairs. After interviewing several contractors she found the perfect one. Checked references and he had great reviews on Home Advisers. Long story short gave contractor Tim Leasman a total of $15,000 down payment for work to be completed 5 to 6 weeks.  He came and demo parts of the house the first week and NEVER came back to complete projects. Toilets were removed, tubs removed, electrical wires hanging, holes in walls lights ripped out of ceiling, cabinets removed, jack hammed portion of pool deck, removed hardy plank off garage leaving it exposed to several thunder storms. Excuse after excuse and told over and over “We will be there Monday” He said he would refund deposit then made more broken promises to come complete a portion of the project. Big surprise did not show up. Leslie had to open credit cards and take out of retirement to get the damage he caused to a livable state.  As to date total out of pocket including the $15,000 deposit is $40,775 and still adding up. Now her property taxes are due and has no clue how she will pay them in time. To add more stress her company is merging with another company and uncertainty if she will have a job each week. If there is any silver lining the Montgomery County DA is has brought Tim Leasman on several felonies for Leslie and other victims. Sadly she will more than likely never see a dime from it.   Leslie has always been the first to help anyone in need and just needs a little help now.