Keep motivated in your YouTube career with our stylish custom hand made wooden Play Button.

About project

A few years ago, I have started a small YouTube channel that fortunately started to grow in size a little. Seeing my channel grow was a great motivation, I was looking for a way to see subscriber count rising or falling even with my PC off. That is when the Muse kicked me in the balls and the first idea for hand made play button was born.

I think this gadget could be really useful for starting as well as already established YouTubers. Your contribution would help me kick off the production.

Best graphics 2017 hands down” – NGI

I have never seen such a thing” – a PC Gamer

I don’t understand this thing” – My Mom

What We Need & What You Get

Currently I am on the third prototype featuring:

  • live subscriber count (H:12cm, W:14.5cm, D:8.5cm)
  • wifi connection
  • plays random animation from specifically themed folder every half an hour depending on your subscriber count rise or fall
  • Adding animations is simple as drag and drop to web interface. (planned, easy to do feature)
  • Main unit is not shipped with power addapter, any USB charger will work.

If my funding goals are met, I would like to add following:

  • much more user friendly setup – 500$ ( Allowing me to buy licence )
  • custom made application for more “screens” adding graphs and time – 2000$ ( giving me food to make that stuff )
  • Speed up production – 10 000$ ( I could move my tools to proper place and speed up the production significantly )

If goals are not met, money raised will be used for further testing, improvements and possibly move to better space for full time production.

The Impact

We are living in a world where YouTube is bread and butter for many content creators. This gadget is suitable for every one of them providing motivation for brighter future.

In simple terms, I loved to see the animations when my subscriber count changed, and I think you would too.

Risks & Challenges

I’m single guy not a big corporation or bunch of fake researchers in lab coats. I have already made multiple prototypes, and keep making it easier to make. However I’m going to loose my job by 1.11.2017 and would like to start working for my self on things I actually love to do. I can promise that everybody who funds the amount for the gadget will get one, it doesn’t contain any mythical and unrealistic tech, it works right now.

  • In case of huge amount of support, it might take more time to produce all the units.
  • Supply of electronic is also bit harder to get but not difficult.
  • I’m constantly looking for the best but cost effective display  .

Out of cash, but still wanna help ?

No big deal, been there done that 🙂

  • You can share this campaign on social media.
  • Maybe send comment to your favorite YouTuber who could find this useful

That is it, you can always send me questions that I try to answer if I can.
Love you all,

*Note, I’m not affiliated with youtube/google similarity to their logo is coincidental